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A Quick Moment

Updated: Jun 3, 2019

Just shot a real quick test video. The angle is wrong (and very unflattering, yes it's the blob behind the makeup haha), but I wanted to see how to start. I used RevolutionPro's Regeneration Trends Celestial Palette. You know I love a good outer space themed eyeshadow palette!

I applied the colors Transit with a Morphe M514 brush, Stellar with a Morphe M124 brush and Terrene with my favorite Sigma E25 brush. The way I shot it makes it look like I applied Terrene all over my outer eye area, but it was really just in the corner. I then blended all the colors out with a blending brush by Alamar. I finished up by applying Terrene under my lower lashes then adding a Jonetblu eyeliner on my lash line, Urban Decay liner on my waterline and Avon Mascara on my lashes.

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