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Everything's Coming up Neon!

This summer is bringing neon back center stage, and honestly I am thrilled. I love fun, bright and bold colors. I don't know if anyone else feels it, but these colors just ooze happiness and how can you not love something that brings a smile to your face! Obviously many makeup companies have jumped on the trend are coming out with neon inspired palettes. One I kept seeing all over was Huda's Neon Obsessions Palette. It comes in 3 different color schemes. The one that appealed to me most was the orange themed palette, so I caved and purchased it.

Overall I am happy with this little palette, it's no too expensive pricing at $29.00 and I feel you do get your money's worth. The matte shades have good color payoff and are easy to apply and blend out. The shimmers are nice but are best applied with your finger. It is not a palette for everyone. If you are not into colorful eyeshadow you probably wouldn't find much use for this. However, if you are or are looking to get out of your comfort zone this would be something I would recommend purchasing.

Below is a short tutorial on a look I did with this palette. I hope you enjoy. I'm still working on my filming. I know I don't have the best lighting, camera or angles but it is what it is. I just love makeup and really want to share the enjoyment I get from it with others.

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