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Geode Eye Makeup ft. the Alma Palette!

Hey all! I hope you are all having an amazing holiday season. For today's post I am bringing you a tutorial on how I created my geode inspired eye look. I actually took inspiration for this look from one of my favorite pair of geode earrings. I love crystals, I enjoy how gorgeous they are and the neat powers they possess.

For this look I used the Alma Palette from Ami Heart's Beauty. It was a collaboration with one my favorite Youtuber's Amy Loves Makeup. It is a very beautiful palette that I have been enjoying playing around with. Overall I really like Ami Heart's Beauty. I think they have great products and I love supporting indie brands. The Alma Palette is a pretty cool toned palette with blues, purples and pinks. There is a mix shimmers and mattes in the palette which makes is easy for you to create a variety of looks. Overall the quality of this palette is decent, the shadows are soft pressed so the palette is on the delicate side. However, the shadows are creamy and apply very nice.

So before I keep rambling on, below is a video on how I created my geode inspired eyeshadow look! Hope you enjoy and see you soon!

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