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Hey all! Sorry for the lack of posts lately. I have recently gotten into doing Youtube videos and I've been focused on trying to work that out. So I am planning on doing most of my reviews and tutorials on Youtube, but I am also going to try and link them all here as well.

When Halloween comes around I always get excited, because it's such a fun time of year and cosmetic companies usually put out a lot of neat palettes etc for the season. However, this season has been a little lackluster to be honest. But let's be real you know I still found something to buy. It is actually from a brand I usually pay little attention to. The palette I bought was the Venus Immortalis Palette form Lime Crime. Lime Crime has always been a brand that has fell below my radar. They never put anything out that really wowed me; until this palette. The color story is pretty. It's muted pastels with some silvery satin shimmers. It's perfect for this time of year!

If you interested in seeing the palette in action check out the video below!

Hope you guys liked it and talk to you soon!

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