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Is Boxy Really Charming?

I love getting packages in the mail! Honestly, who doesn’t? It’s always fun and annoying waiting for your package to arrive, hoping it is everything it claimed to be, the excitement of opening it and it usually being everything you wanted (aside from the few times it’s either like what is this or it’s broken). There is just something joyous about receiving mail.

Nowadays there seems to be a subscription service for everything. A person can get anything they ever wanted delivered right to their door every month. From pet supplies, to cooking, to shoes, to of course makeup, etc. there is so much to choose from. Since I love makeup it’s no surprise, I signed up for a monthly Boxycharm subscription. It’s a great way for me to receive products I may not normally buy and find new brands I’ve never heard of before. Boxycharm costs $20 a month and you receive a box consisting of 5 full size beauty items around the second week of each month. Aside from the 5 products, you also get a little pamphlet with descriptions and retail price of each item included.

I know my picture doesn't reflect how pretty the black and gold packages looked together.

I’ve only recently signed up; November’s box is the fourth box I have received. For the most part I have been pretty happy with what I have gotten each month. Each box has a theme, November’s is “Goal Digger”. Included was Coverfx Glitter Drops in the color Nova, Ace Beaute Grandiose Palette, Luxie Luminous Eye Set Brushes, Jonteblu Glittering Star Eyeliner and Lashaholic Lashes Instaglam False Eyelashes. If I bought everything separately everything would cost around $110, so for $20 a month it’s a good deal.

The box is packaged nice and everything came looking pretty, especially this month since all the items had some sort of gold packaging. It was aesthetically pleasing for the eyes in my opinion. Upon first viewing of each of the products, I liked them. Nothing stood out as something I would never use. The only item I may not use often are the lashes and that’s mainly because false lashes irritate my eyes sometimes. My eyes are so sensitive anyway, I’d rather not risk aggravating them more with something like lashes.

The first item I tried was the Ace Beaute Palette. Honestly, I have never heard of this

brand before I received it in this month’s box, so that was exciting! The colors in the palette are very pretty. A nice mix of mattes and shimmers. The colors go together pretty well since they are a variety of reds and browns. To try the palette out I used the colors Patchouli, Cinnamon, Poppy, Jasmine and Primrose. I applied Patchouli all over my lid after applying eye primer. I then used a blending brush and added Cinnamon to my upper crease, following that up with Poppy in my lower crease. I applied Poppy with Luxie 121 Mini Tapered Brush that I received in my November Box. The Luxie 121 is soft and applied my eyeshadow beautifully. I finished off my lid with Primrose, added Jasmine to my lower brow line and Cinnamon to my lower lash line with the Luxie 141 Mini Round Brush (also I really loved this one too). To complete my eyes, I tested the JonteBlu

Glittering Eyeliner by lining my upper lash line with it. For these three products I used, I was pretty satisfied with them. The eyeshadow palette performed really well. The colors I used were pigmented, went on very nice, blended out beautifully and lasted. The only downfall was there was a fair amount if kickback in the pan

when using my brush with the color Cinnamon. The Luxie brushes were super soft and worked really well. The Jonteblu pencil was nice, but it wasn’t as dark as I was hoping it would be. However, nothing too tragic to ruin November for me.

After finishing my eyes, I did my normal face routine and then went for the Coverfx Glitter Drops.

I won’t lie I was intimidated by them. The color is a gorgeous gold and it is a light liquid in a bottle with a dropper. Honestly, I was afraid I would apply it too heavy handed, however to my surprise I was actually able to handle the formula pretty well. I applied a nice light amount to my upper cheek bone. It smoothed out rather easily. It is very glittery and really pretty.

I’m pleased with this product and I will definitely use it. The only item from the box I didn’t try were the lashes and that was for reasons I stated earlier. However, they looked really nice and felt like good quality. One day when my allergies and sinuses aren’t bothering my eyes so much, I will try them out. Overall, I am very delighted with my November Boxycharm and I look forward to next month!

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