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Is it a Love Sign?

 It shouldn't be a surprise that over the holidays I accumulated a few makeup items.  One of the pieces I received was BH Cosmetics Zodiac Love Signs Palette.  I was super excited for this since I loved their last Zodiac Palette.  To be honest, I'm a big fan of BH Cosmetics.  I first heard about them a few years back when the Galaxy Chic Palette was getting a lot of buzz.  I'm a huge astronomy fan, so when I saw there was an eyeshadow palette with a galaxy theme I was of course interested.  Since then, BH has not disappointed me.  They not only have added to their awesome collection of astronomy themed palettes, but the quality and price point are always awesome! 

     The Zodiac Love Signs Palette retails for $24.00 and is worth every penny.  The palette features 24 eyeshadows and a highlighter.  There are 12 mattes, 12 baked shimmers and a baked highlighter.  I was pleased from the moment I opened the box.  The packaging is very pretty and the shadows are set up really fun with the shimmers on the outer most ring, the mattes in the second ring and the highlighter in the middle.  The mattes and highlighter do not have names, but the baked shimmers do and they are all named aptly after zodiac signs.  The colors are all set up in a very aesthetically pleasing order and flow nicely from to another. 

I know my swatch game needs a lot of work.


The shadows all swatched decently, however the real test would be how they performed

when actually applying them. 

For the look in the side image I used two of the brown mattes (the one in front of Libra and Virgo).  They were both very pigmented and blended out nicely.  To add some color, I used Virgo which is one of the baked shimmers.  It applied nice, I used my finger rather than a brush I found it worked better that way.  However, you can use these shadows wet, so if I wet my brush I think it would have picked up more color with the shimmer.  In general when applying pressed foils and shimmers I find using finger works better than a brush. Moving back to the palette review, I was happy with how the shadows performed and stayed throughout the day. I didn't find they creased or brushed off.

I also created a look for New Year's Eve using the color Cancer which is a shimmery yellow/gold.  It went one nice, I did have to work a little with it but that was only because I tried using a dry brush first before realizing my finger would work better.  There was a tiny bit of fallout with Cancer, but I didn't experience any with Virgo.  It wasn't a lot, nothing to make my opinion of the palette a negative one.  The highlight in this palette is nice as well.  Very soft, I didn't find it went on too shimmery.  It just added a nice amount of shine to the places I applied it to.  The color made me glow rather than sparkle like a disco ball.

     Overall I am very pleased with the Zodiac Love Signs Palette.  It has a nice variety of colors that allow you to create a whole bunch of different looks from soft daytime to all out crazy for a night out.  The thing I love the most about this palette is the price.  With this palette and with the other BH Cosmetics palettes I own, I feel you are receiving quality makeup without breaking your bank account.  I can honestly say these mattes and shimmers performed better than some in palettes that I paid almost twice a much for.  (This makes me wonder, why do I bother with other palettes?  Oh that's right because I'm Pal "out"ette of control).  So to sums things up, if you are looking for a new palette to add some color to your collection but do not want to spend your paycheck, I highly recommend the BH Zodiac Love Signs Palette.

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