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It's all about that Red!

Oh red lipstick! It's such an awesome color, but it can be so intimidating to wear. It's bold, it bleeds, it gets on your teeth and it can stain. There are so many reasons people could give as to why they do not wear red lipstick. Yet red lipstick has been a staple for makeup lovers for many years. Red lipstick's history is in fact pretty fascinating, but that's a story for another time. Below is a video I made talking about the how to's when it comes to red. Although I mention specific brands they are just my favorites, there are so many brands with amazing reds out there to choose from you can pick whichever one works best for you . So go out have fun and get your red on!

Makeup mentioned in the video:

Great guide to red lipticks:

All different makeup looks I've done recently with a red lipstick.

1. Besame 1946 Red Velvet

2. Ciate London Glitter Flip in the color Scandalous ( it is sparkly but my pic sucks lol)

3. Is actually a red gloss by NYX in the color Cherry Pie

4. Besame 1939 Tango Red

5. Tattoo Junkee in the color Outcast (I forgot to mention this one! It's a great orange red and the price is awesome as well!

6. Anastasia Beverly Hills Matte Lipstick in Ruby

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