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Love Letter to You!

Updated: Jun 18, 2019

Hello all!

Today I am back with a different kind of post. I’m always reading different books on a variety of topics. One of the things I tend to read a lot about is self-healing. The current title I am reading is Raise Your Vibration by Kyle Gray. I am finding this book not only to be an excellent read, but one that I really am connecting with on an emotional and spiritual level. In one of the exercises he encourages you to go back and write a letter to your younger self letting yourself know how amazing you are etc. So this got me thinking. I think it is important to remember how important and unique you are no matter what your age is. So I decided to write an open love letter/list that I hope people can apply to themselves when one needs that extra boost. You can read it whenever you want as much as you want.

Dear You Unique Individual,

I know you don’t always think it, but you are pretty awesome. I know it is hard to remember but you are special and deserve happiness. Whenever you are forgetting how great you are, just read this list and let whatever is getting you down disappear.

1. No one else is you, and that is pretty freaking cool.

2. You are beautiful.

3. You are kind and caring.

4. You are talented.

5. You are smart.

6. You can kick major butt if needed.

7. You are somebody’s best friend.

8. You have love in your life.

9. You put a smile on someone’s face today.

10. You are confident and strong.

11. People want you in their life.

12. You are spectacular!

Please remember all this and always remind yourself tomorrow is another day. What happened yesterday, a week, a year ago etc. is all in the past. You don’t need it,

stop letting it weigh you down. Now get up smile and know you got this.

Love always,


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