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Majestic Galaxy

It's easy when you are makeup lover to have so much of it that you sometimes don't give enough attention to products that you generally love. With so many new items coming out from high end to indie to drugstore, you easily can find yourself overwhelmed. Social media doesn't help either. Seeing people post about the new makeup items they bought or brands posting their new products on their company social media can really make you just wanted to buy everything. My Instagram feed is flooded with new products from all different companies all the time. I do want almost all of it, as a makeup lover how could I not? However, my collection has grown so much that I often find myself not paying attention to older palettes, lipsticks, highlighters etc that I really love.

So I decided to start a new series where I feature one product that I love that I have not given enough attention to lately. Not only does it give me a reason to use it, but I get to showcase some of my favorite items with others. The first product I decided to highlight is from JCat Beauty and it is there Take Me Away Majestic Galaxy Palette. It's a palette I really enjoy and it only retails for $13.99. It's affordable and packs a lot of punch. There is a mix of 21 shades mattes and metallics with a nice variety of colors. Aside from the price being on the less expensive side, the palette performs really well. The mattes blend out smoothly and the metallics go on creamy. One tip is that I do find wetting a brush with water lightly and then applying the metallics works best. I usually keep a small spray bottle on my vanity for this purpose. I actually reuse old setting spray bottles this way I am recycling as well. You can also use setting spray on your brush instead of water if you'd prefer. Overall I just really love this palette and I am happy to have it in my collection. If you'd like to see a demo of the shadows please feel free to watch my video below!

Photos of my most recent look using this palette.

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