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My Favorite Things: Brush Edition

Updated: Jan 7, 2019

Sorry for the lack of updates over the last few weeks. I have been very busy with work, Christmas stuff and really just getting back to normal from the holidays. I love that time of the year, but it does get to be a little hectic. Before I digress more let me go back on topic; makeup brushes! If I went through and spoke about all the makeup brushes I owned, this post would never end. Brushes are something that are essential for my makeup routine. Finding the right brushes for what you want to do can be hard. Thankfully with the help of the plethora of tutorials on the internet, I was able to navigate through them all and find what works for me. The following brushes aren't the only brushes I use, but they are the few that I use the most often and work for pretty much any look I want to create.

The first brush I want to talk about is the Essence Eye Blender Brush. I love this one! I use it for applying the shadow I am using to set my eye primer. I know it is a blender, but I feel it works great for putting on the shadow/powder I am using to set the primer. It's soft and allows me apply to shadow lightly and evenly over the primer. Making my eyes smooth for the rest of my shadow application. I think this is brush is great and very versatile. I could definitely use for other things, and it is extremely affordable retailing for only $1.99 at Ulta Beauty.

After using the Essence brush I reach for the Morphe M514 for applying my transition shade to my crease. This was the first Morphe brush I ever used and I was not disappointed. I purchased it after I kept seeing so many people talking about Morphe all over Youtube etc. I sometimes hate products/brands that are overly hyped, but I was curious about the brushes. The M514 only retails for $6.00 so it's very reasonable for people on a budget. This brush works great for applying shadow to my crease because it applies the product smoothly while also blending it out so there are no harsh lines. The only downside is that I find it did get a little wiry fast, but I can still work with it however it will most likely have to be replaced faster than some other brushes.

While we are still on the topic of Morphe, the M431 is another brush that has become a constant in my routine. For the price of $5.00 it's another win for me. It's a great precision pencil brush, that I tend to use for applying shadow below my brow and in the corners of my eyes. Because the point is so precise it makes getting into my corners much easier. It also works great for applying shadow in your crease or lower lash line.

Moving 0n from Morphe, my next set of favorite brushes comes from Sigma. Actually at the moment Sigma makes my favorite brushes. They are not as price friendly as Morphe but they aren't overly pricey either, and the quality is there. The Sigma E25 is probably one of the most versatile brushes I own. It retails for $16.00 and it worth every penny. The E25 works amazing for applying shadow to your crease and lid. It blends out the harsh lines easily, while also giving you great control during application. Another great brush from Sigma is the E45, which also retails for $16.00. This brush is fantastic for applying eyeshadow to a specific area of my eye to add some depth and dimension. It's tapered and soft, so you can apply shadow intensely to one area while still being able to blend out any harsh lines. The last Sigma brush I want to mention is the E35. This is a great tapered blending brush that retails for $17.00. It does exactly what the names says, it blends. I use this one when I want to use a clean brush to blend shadows together seamlessly. the E35 is soft for blending but firm enough it you wanted to use it to apply shadow as well.

The last brush I want to mention is the Luxie 141 Mini Round brush. I received this brush in one of my Boxycharm Boxes and I quickly fell in love with it. It's small and soft so I use it to apply shadow under my lower lashes. Although it is soft, it is firm enough to keep my shadow where I want it without leaving a whole bunch of fall out under my eyes. The 141 is part of the Luminous Eye Set and retails for $30.00. I do actually like the whole set, but the 141 is my favorite and one I use daily.

Recent look I did using the brushes mentioned.

Well that's all the brushes I wanted to talk about. I hope I was able to be a little informative about eyeshadow brushes and why I use the brushes I do. I'm not a professional obviously, but as I makeup enthusiast I feel I've gained some knowledge throughout the years. If you have any comments about the brushes I mentioned, or want suggest one please feel free to say something below. Anyway thanks and talk to to soon!

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