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No Thanks for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving should be a time for people to get together and give thanks. However, it has turned into a corporate holiday that now pulls people apart. Yes most families and friends do still get together and share a meal, but now you have people being pulled away or even worse not being able to come at all because their job decided to open. However, there is something even more terrible than the companies forcing employees to work on a holiday that is celebrated by all Americans; it is the people who leave their dinners to go

shopping. I’m sorry but this has always been a hot topic for me. I find it absolutely disgusting that people leave Thanksgiving dinner to go shopping! C’mon really?

I think with the country in the state that it is in, we should have just one day when we get to sit back and reflect on everything. That day used to be Thanksgiving, however corporate greed has taken that away. It was bad enough that stores opened at midnight on Black Friday, but why are they opening at 2pm on Thanksgiving? Why the hell does anyone need to go to JC Penny (one of the many that are opening) at 2pm on Thanksgiving? What is wrong with you?

My father used to work two jobs. One of his part time jobs for a while was at K-Mart. Every Thanksgiving he worked at K-Mart, he would have to leave dinner because it was mandatory that he worked when they opened at 7pm on Thanksgiving. I was always angered by this, how was this fair? My father is hard working man who worked two jobs and yet one of the few days he got off from his 9 to 5 job to spend the day with his family, he had to leave. Honestly for what? Why the hell was K-Mart open on Thanksgiving? It’s not like a grocery store or gas station that I unfortunately can understand the need for them to be open for a bit on Thanksgiving. But K-Mart is not a necessity. Why did anyone

have to go to K-Mart on Thanksgiving? Oh what you really needed that microwave etc.?

Guess what, those amazing sales that supposedly only happen on Thanksgiving and Black Friday, happen again during the holiday shopping season. Sometimes the sales are even better and an added bonus is you don’t have someone attacking you because you took the last $35 DVD player.

I just find it really disappointing that we choose retail over family. Why have we become this way? I think it’s sad and I really wish it would change. I want to start a movement, less shopping and more eating on Thanksgiving! Bring families back together for holiday! If you are curious about what stores are opening on Thanksgiving see this article. I'm definitely baffled by a bunch on this list, there is just no reason for them to open on Thanksgiving.

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