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Pink, Purple, Blue and Norvina too.

Updated: Oct 30, 2018

I don’t claim to be a makeup expert, but I really enjoy doing it. My love for makeup began as a child. My mom loves it, so it’s not a surprise I followed suit. That’s not the only reason, as I grew up I acquired my own adoration for it that’s completely separate from my mothers.

As much as I love it, the beauty industry can be overwhelming at times. There are just

so many companies, from Anastasia Beverly Hills to Makeup Geek to Wet-n-Wild, every company has something to offer. I find it almost impossible to keep up with ever product being released, but I try and buy my favorites when I can. Over the summer Anastasia Beverly Hills released their Norvina Palette. Right from the picture I knew this is a palette I would be interested in. Priced at $42 it’s not exactly cheap, so I didn’t just go and hastily buy it. Before purchasing I watched reviews and went to Ulta and swatched the shadows myself. Not a shock, I was happy with what I saw. I’m usually pretty happy with ABH’s products, so I would have been more surprised if I didn’t like it.

The palette is full of browns, pinks, and purples. A nice mix of mattes, shimmer and

pressed foils. I’ve used it quite a lot over the past two months and I’m happy with it. I don’t have any regrets about spending the money on it.

However, let’s stop rambling and to the point of this post. The look I wanted to talk about doesn't have a name, but it does remind me of cotton candy. So maybe Cotton Candy Fun?

Does it really need a name, probably not. Anyway, to start off I primed my eyes with Too

Faced’s Shadow Insurance Primer. I then set it with the color Base from the Norvina Palette. To start adding color, I went in my crease with the color Love built it up and blended out the edges. I next used the color Soul on the lower part of my crease and blended it out with Love. On my lid, I applied the color Celestial for some shimmer and blended the edges with Soul so there were not harsh lines. Finishing up, I used Dreamer below my brow and in my eye’s inner corners and Love again below my lower lash line. I also applied blue gel pencil liner from Ardell to my water line. To complete the look, I lined my eyes with Too Faced’s Maneater Liner and also applied Too Faced’s Maneater mascara to my lashes (maybe one day I will figure out how to get my lashes to look nice in photos). I know it’s not like an incredible or masterpiece look, but I liked it so I wanted to share it.

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