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Scarlet Sunsets

Here I am once again attempting to shoot a video and I still suck, who knows maybe one day I will get there. Actually I'm not even sure if it's my thing, but I'm having fun trying something new. Anyway for this look I used Deck of Scarlet's Destination: Desert Palette with Ciate London's Eye Lustre Cream Eyeshadow. This look reminds of a sunrise/sunset. I know there are tons of looks similar to this but this is my take. I was mainly inspired to do this look with these colors because lately I have been seeing a lot of neon and real bright summer eyeshadow looks and I have been loving them. Seeing all the pretty vivid colors really puts me in the mood for summer! Plus I hadn't had the chance to use the color Sunrise from this palette yet and I really wanted to!

Step 1:

I always prime my eyes first with Ulta's Matte Primer and then set it with a neutral color. I used the color Sands from the Deck of Scarlet Palette.

Step 2:

I applied the color Sunrise all over my crease and socket area with a Morphe M514 brush. I did dust a little onto my mobile lid as well.

Step 3:

Using a clean M514 I added the color Wildflower to my crease and then blended it together slightly with Sunrise. I wanted both colors to be visible, but I didn't want harsh lines between them.

Step 4:

Using my finger I applied Ciate London's Eye Lustre in the color Cupid onto my entire mobile lid. I then blended where it met with Wildflower out using a blending brush.

Step 5:

Using a pencil brush I applied the color Sahara to my brow bone.

Step 6:

I used a Sigma E25 and added a very little bit of the color Canyon to my outer v. I applied it extremely lightly, I just wanted a very slight darker tone on my outer v.

To finish everything up I applied Wildflower under my lower lashes and Sahara in my inner corners, along with liner on my lid and waterline and mascara on my lashes.

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