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Screaming Skulls

As if regular skulls weren't creepy enough, imagine one that made noise? Actually not just one that made noises, a skull that screamed if it was displeased. Well that's exactly what happens in some cases for certain skulls in England.

Screaming skulls are thought to be ghosts attached to skulls, usually the skull belonged to the spirit when they were living. If the skull is removed from its location some stories report that people have heard screams, weeps and moans coming from it. The skull will keep this up until it is put back in it's original location. Usually the living person whom the skull belonged to requested that their skull be placed in a certain location after death, and if someone ignored this or moved it the skull would make noise to show its disapproval.

Screaming skull stories tend to be linked to England. There are many stories about different skulls throughout history who exhibited this behavior. However, there were a few that kept popping up constantly in my research. They are the Bettiscombe Manor Skull, The Burton Agnes Skull, The Calgarth Hall Skull, The Theophilus Brome Skull and the Tunstead Farm Skull. If you are interested in learning the legends surrounding these screaming skulls my Friday Frights video is linked below. In this episode I talk all about these very interesting creepy legends.

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