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Stars at Night

Updated: Oct 18, 2018

So I know I’m not a makeup expert, but I love it! The makeup look I want to talk about I decided to call Stars at Night, because that's what it reminds me of. It’s a blend of dark blues with holographic liquid eyeshadow on the lid. In order to create this look I first started out by priming my eyes with Ulta’s Tinted Primer in Champagne. I then set the primer with a neutral color; in this case I used Unicorn Tears from Essence Makeup’s Fairy Wings and Magical Things Palette. It looks like an aqua but actually applies more on the white side. I just used my Essence blending brush to apply it lightly over the primer.

To start creating color I went in with Too Faced’s eyeshadow single called Deep Space. I used a Morphe #M514 brush and applied it to the crease of my eye. This color comes out a very dark blue, almost black so to lighten it up I used a Morphe #M321 brush and applied a blue to my lower crease from the Essence Makeup All About the Magical Forrest Palette. I then blended out edges with my Wet-n-Wild crease brush. From the same Essence palette I used earlier, I grabbed a light almost champagne color and applied it using to my brow bone my Morphe #M431 brush for some highlight.

Now for the fun part! Before adding the holo to my eyes using a BH Cosmetics Rose Gold Small Detailing brush to apply Kat Von D’s Lock it Concealer in Neutral. After applying it, I used my finger and patted the excess concealer off making it nice and smooth. For the holo I used Superchic’s Unicorn Shadows in Sweet Pea. I didn’t use the applicator it comes with, I just a small Wet-n-Wild liner brush. This liquid eyeshadow does have a scent and is a very loose liquid, using a brush worked best for me when applying it. The shadow does dry rather quickly though. After it dried, I blended it out slightly with the lighter blue first using my Morphe #M321 and then sweeping over with the Wet-n-Wild crease brush to really soften it out.

Finishing the look off, I used my Tarte Maneater Liner to and lined my eyes. For mascara I used Essence Volume Booster Lash Primer and followed up with Tarte’s Maneater Mascara. For my under eye I used a blue pencil (from a brand I cannot remember the name is now sharpened off) on my waterline, then applied the same Too Faced eyeshadow from earlier under my lower lashes and blended it out with a blending brush. I then applied a light blueish highlight from Essence’s Be Kissed by the Moon Palette to my eye corners. It's just a fun look I liked, so I felt I would share it. If anyone has any suggestions or questions about this, please feel free to comment below. I'm always looking for new ideas or tips on how to do my makeup better.

I know my lashes look bad.

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