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Loving You...

Life is hard. Everyone has expectations, some realistic others just ridiculous. It can be difficult at times to just accept that we are who we are. We live in a world where people judge themselves and others against one another. You see posts on Facebook and Instagram

with people “living their best lives” in Ibiza, Las Vegas, Italy, etc. It can make you feel inadequate when you haven’t been to any of those places, and in reality, probably won’t even be taking a vacation at all this year. Posts like this can often make you wonder, why are these people so amazing while I’m just me? This defeatist attitude can be extremely detrimental to your well -being. I’m not a doctor, but from my own experience and my observations feelings like this can cause depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, jealousy etc. It’s not a positive vibe and can really halt you from “living your best life” and nobody should have that experience.

It took me a long time to finally be happy with who I am. Yes, I still have moments when I’m down on myself but when that happens now, I try to remember being alive and being who I am is enough. I’ve said this before in a post and it’s the whole theme of my site; being uniquely individually you makes special! Loving what you do and thinking like you do makes you who you are, no one else has your exact emotions and thoughts. The fact that you are the only you, is so important to remember. I feel like that idea gets lost. We are all trying to just fit in etc. that we forget there is no one in the world who is you besides yourself and that’s amazing.

Sure, at times being you isn’t always amazing, but others feel the same way. For every bad day you have, remember the person you are comparing yourself to has one too. Every wonderful thing that happens to someone else, will happen to you too. Of course, they are not all the same but that does not mean they are any less awesome from one another. Besides what one person deems the best ever, isn’t the same as what me or you feel is the best ever. The fact that you and I get up each day and just live as ourselves in a win! So, get out there and be your best uniquely individually you that you can be!

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